Choose the programe that fits the best
your level of Spanish, situation and needs.

This is how we are going to unleash your potential


Method combining our own learning & teaching experience with knowledge from the most efficient learning theories.

Created specially for you, Spanish learners, who are fed up with books, boring grammar explanations and endless vocabulary lists.

So this is what we rely on in all our courses:


To guide you and keep your motivation high along the whole learning journey, because motivation is the key of improvement.


Positive feedback for a well done job is one of our most powerful resources, leading to relaxed and productive environment.


You are the owner of your learning. We are the guides to show you the route and awaken your interest and initiative.


The best way to learn a language is to dive right into it. We create environment to surround you with all kinds of authentic content in Spanish in every stage of your learning process.


This is what you are going to achieve. Your Spanish will finally sound natural  😉


Learning must by fun but also focused. With quick questions directed to the most important concepts and vocabulary, your reaction time will decrease and your oral expression will become much more agile.

What are the pillars of Method Friend ?

Learning by doing

Less theory and more practice.

Tons of content for your individual work.

Feedback to help you reflect on your areas of improvement and strengthen your language skills.

Focus on speaking on our weekly targeted conversational lesson from the first week.

Learning naturally

Less English and more Spanish.

Continuous exposure to authentic Spanish content, written and spoken.

Much more imitation and less boring grammar explanation.

Learn Spanish the same way you learnt your mother tongue

Clearly set SMART goals

Less chaos and more clarity.

Focus on few important things at each stage of your learning process.

Tracking the achievement of the goals thanks to daily feedback.

After applying what later became the base of method FRIEND, it only took me 1 year to awaken my Spanish self and move to SPAIN .


Build the solid base of your Spanish

  • Would you call yourself an evergreen beginner and you want to learn once for all?
  • Do you need to start communicating yourself in Spanish as soon as possible?
  • Are you ready to give your best and dedicate at least 1 hour daily to practicing your Spanish?


Elevate your Spanish to the next level

  • You can have a conversation in Spanish, but you would like not only to speak, but speak correctly.
  • Spanish exceptions, expressions and different past tenses drive you crazy
  • You need a guidance to use your effort of studying more effectively


Reach fluency and flow in Spanish

  • You understand a native speaker and can have a talk, but you feel stressed when you want to express yourself in Spanish.
  • You have a solid base and you want to keep it.
  • You kind of just need to improve your reaction time and fluency.


Grow intellectually while practicing your Spanish

  • You feel confident speaking Spanish and you want to be mistaken with natives 😉 
  • Your intellectual curiousity awakens eagerness to get into topics likes art, politics or even science in Spanish

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