but anytime it comes to speaking


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Stop for a second and imagine this with us…

You feel confident speaking Spanish

You aren’t afraid to commit errors anymore. You are expressing yourself and it feels empowering

The right words come to your mind naturally

You interact with Spanish people like a boss

You understand their jokes and always have a smile on your face 

I know….You want to speak Spanish fluently and in a natural way,
but now it seems like something you will never achieve…

My name is Alex, I am from Slovakia and I know that feeling.

8 years ago I was at the same point as you are now.

I spent 2 years and quite an amount of money attending Spanish lessons, learning the grammar and vocab, but in fact I wasn’t able to create a single sentence on my own.

I knew I needed to change the way of learning and the truth is I had to find the courage.  To expose to the error, to be proactive and start producing instead of consuming is not easy at all.

Even so, I did it.
I got steeped in the language, even without understanding much.

Instead of comfortably continuing with grammar books and exercises, I started to listen a lot and speak a lot. I was making mistakes, but it didn’t stop me from  enjoying & struggling with Spanish every day during more than a year. All that to achieve my dream of becoming the part of Spanish culture.

After applying the method FRIEND, it only took me 1 year to MOVE to SPAIN and get a HR JOB in a Spanish company.

It didn’t happen from one day to another, neither was it easy

And honestly, all this wouldn’t have been possible without having a FRIEND who was there 

to support and motivate me

to listen to me and help me resolve my doubts anytime I had them

to practice my real spanish

Since then, plenty others have enjoyed having a Spanish friend

What are their thoughts ?

Recomiendo 100 % a Your Spanish Friend. Ojalá pudiera haberlo encontrado muchos años antes. Mi español ha mejorado y lo más importante, ha crecido mi entusiasmo para aprender. Mi experiencia con tu amigo español ha sido gratificante, efectiva y muy alegre. Lo mejor del programa es que Alex y Luis no son solo profes sino coaches que no tienen límite en su dedicación.

Greig, 52, Scotland

Volver a estudiar español y hacerlo con Tu Amigo Español ha sido la mejor decisión de mi vida. He mejorado mi español mucho y ahora no tengo miedo a hablar ni escribir. Aprender palabras de vídeos y canciones es más fácil y más divertido.

Naty, 18, Slovakia

Descubrir Your Spanish Friend fue una suerte enorme! No se puede comprar con otros cursos que he hecho…
Luis me ha dado coraje de hablar sin miedo. Sus variadas y animadas clases despiertan mis ganas de saber más, no solo sobre el idioma, sino también sobre los costumbres y la cultura de España. Ahora puedo seguir conferencias, leer libros y discutir sobre muchos temas.

Fiorella, 84, Italy

Aprender español con Tu Amigo Español es divertido, interactivo y motivador. Me siento mucho más segura, ya no soy tan tímida para hablar. Mis días son más hermosos, yo estoy más alegre y hablo español! 

Zuzana, 38, Slovakia

We have also spoken about learning Spanish in the mayor Slovak TV

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7 mistakes in learning process of 90% of students of Spanish


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