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Maybe you…

…have studied Spanish with free resources, but are starting to understand that doing grammar exercises and repeating vocabulary over and over will not make you speak.

…had a private tutor but waiting until the next lesson to resolve your doubts was frustrating.

…went to a group course, but among other students never had enough opportunities to express yourself in Spanish.

….have never learnt Spanish before, but you are that kind of person that just wants to do things efficiently.

….you need a mentor to motivate you, guide you through your learning process and resolve your doubts anytime they arise.

If any of these is your case… We can help you!

I know how you feel

My name is Alex and I was there 10 years ago

I started learning Spanish when I was 18. I have heard, that best way of learning a language is jumping right into it, so I went to work to Canary Islands for the whole summer.

During the first year of learning Spanish, I spent hours and hours with Duolinguo and learnt a lot of vocabulary, but anytime I tried creating a sentence by myself, I got stuck.


I went to private lessons in Slovakia, but most of the time, we were just doing excercises, and between the lessons, I forgot a lot from what I have had learnt.

During one summer of university, I convinced my parents to pay for an intensive course in Malaga. It was indeed very helpful, but 3 weeks costed around 1000 €.


I joined voluntary organization ESN and started hanging out with real Spanish, so I could finally practice my Spanish. Even though my grammar was far from perfect, they were supportive and encouraging. But they rarely corrected me and I continued speaking like a „Mongolian“.

The quickest progress in my Spanish occured when I started hanging out and chatting daily with Luis.

Hi, my name is Luis

Native from Madrid and proud of my big city.  As madrileños like to say «Madrid me mata me da la vida» (Madrid kills me and gives me the life).

I am a people’s person and I have always enjoyed showing foreigners my country, language and culture. 

In the past 5 years I investigated and deeply understood the best practises in learning proccess. I observed in different cultures (Gambia, Berlin, Thailand, Perú), but the greatest insights came when I visited Stanford in USA.

Due to my HR background and eagerness to share, I also designed and lead soft skills trainings in companies.

We combined our knowledge, understood
and created our method








What are the pillars of HELP?

Learning by doing

You will be learning by yourself, but thanks to our daily feedback, you will reflect on your areas of improvement to strengthen your language skills and progress.
You´ll speak from day 1 during our weekly conversational mentoring.

Learning naturally

You will be surrounded by spanish. Often you will find yourself using the language correctly, even before having a grammatical explanation.

Just like a child learning to walk!

You will read, listen to music and audios and watch videos in real context. 

Learning how to learn

We will give you plenty of tips and tricks on how to learn better, but it will be you, who will decide which techniques work the best for you.

One of the secrets of polyglots is daily practice and persistence. But don’t worry, we will be there to motivate you! 

How does HELP work ?


1 hour a week of conversational lesson with native speaker

– designed to strenghten your speaking skills
– adapted to your learning journey

Materials with excersises to practice Spanish 1 hour daily

– LIBRARY: articles to enhance your comprehensive reading
– RADIO: podcasts and songs to improve your listening
– CINEMA: short videos and movies to connect visual and audio inputs
– PRACTICE: exercises to consolidate the new language structures and vocab
– CREATE: writing assignments to wrap all you have learned up

Correction and feedback of exercises in less 24 hours

– more than just right and wrong answers
– we will make you think and find the errors by yourself

Continuous follow up of your personal progress in Spanish

– learning process is different for each person, so we will keep the track and guide you through yours
– in every step, you will know exactly what are your improvement areas and where do you stand in your learning process

Our mission is to


Take a moment to imagine that

You understand a native speaker.

You clearly express your ideas in Spanish in any daily situation.

You watch your favourite spanish series in original version. 

You can read articles in Spanish without great effort and know what’s happening in Spain all the time.

You became fluent in Spanish.

Still have questions?
Here are answers to the most commonly asked ones!

How long does it take to learn Spanish?

The US FSI study states it takes around 480 hours of language practice to reach fluency and more than 600 hours to become proficient. It sounds like a lot, but don’t panic. Proficiency will come. The first step is fluency. After 480 hours with HELP you will be able to speak fluently about any topic. With your perseverance (2 hours a day 5 times a week) and our experience, method and support, you will be able to get there in 1 year! Even if you have 0 knowledge now! However, after only 4 months with HELP, you will be able to speak confidently about daily topics and find your way around in any situation 😉 

Do I have to study at least 1 hour daily?

If your goal is to finally learn Spanish, then YES. If you want to see real progress and gain confidence in Spanish in just one year, it’s necessary. Persistence and perseverance is the recipe of success. Various studies have proven that learning 15 minutes a day is more effective than learning 2 hours just 1 day a week. Now imagine, how quickly will you improve when learning 1-2 hours per day! You literally won’t have time to forget 😛

How will I know I am making progress?

You’ll find out by yourself. Thanks to our 24-hour feedback on tasks and challenges performed, you will see your common mistakes and areas of improvement every day. Not like in traditional courses where you have to wait for 1 week to see your homework corrected. Moreover, our weekly conversational lessons will be adapted to reinforce your confidence by giving you opportunity to use concepts you find easy, and to help you to better understand and use those concepts, you don’t find that easy. In every step of the process.

Is it an individual program?

Yes, kind of. But you will never feel alone. We will be in touch and follow your progress daily, so that you can always keep on learning and improving. You will also be part of a community of people with the same desire of learning Spanish. You’ll have the chance to practice with them and learn one from another.

What happens if I have to interrupt my learning due to work or other personal circumstances? Will I miss the opportunity to follow the programme?
We encourage you not to set your dreams aside. However we understand that life can change and circumstances that can’t be ignored might arise. In that case, the program will be paused until you join again. Just keep in mind, that you will probably be included in another group – with people who have similar level at that time.
Is the method for me if I already know some Spanish?
Sure. Our method is designed not only for people who don’t speak a single word in Spanish, but also for those who already reached a certain level. For those, who wish to acquire more fluency, speed, and accuracy in their communication skills, and for those who want to amplify their vocabulary.
Isn't it better to join a traditional language school?

Well, you can. But it will take much more than 1 year, because there are going to be other 5-10 students for the teacher to attend and you will have little space to speak up. Moreover, traditional schools want to keep you attending lessons and paying them, for years and years. In traditional language school, you will attend few times a week and the rest of the time…you will be alone. Something that won’t happen with @YourSpanishFriend, because we will be on the other side of the cable, following your progress every 24 hours. Moreover, traditional courses can’t pay too much individual attention to each of the students and often follow with complicated concepts before making sure you dominate the previous ones. Last but not least, HELP is a method which doesn’t require you to commute, giving you opportunity to study wherever and whenever you have connection to internet.

Will I receive an official certification after the program?

No. We are neither Cambridge nor Cervantes and we don’t pretend to be. We are people like you who have learnt from Cambridge, learnt from mistakes, from people around and learnt to learn using the right resources. We can assure you that Alex has never been asked for a certificate during 7 years of living and working in Spain. What spanish companies required was fluency, not a certificate. And if you really want that piece of paper, no worries. You’ll surely be ready to pass the exam after our course, and a bit of extra preparation.

Do I get my money back if I'm not satisfied with the method?
Sure. If you try it, do all the tasks and challenges and you still feel like no making progress, you will have all the rights to ask for refund. We have been testing our method with tens of students and all of them are making great progress. But maybe you realize this isn’t for you. Our aim is to add real value so you´ll have 15 days of warranty from the beginning of the course to request a full refund in case you aren’t satisfied.

What others achieved with HELP

My name is Zuzana, I am from Slovakia and I have been learning with @yourspanishfriend since may.

After 5 months, I can speak about many things! The programme is online and we only have conversation and mentoring lesson once a week. But @yourspanishfriend is always close to me.

They send me grammar videos and activities to do at home. Spanish songs, podcasts, videos, articles to read and also exercises. They correct it very quickly and I learn every day! Because of this, I fell more confident at the conversation lesson and it motivates me to keep on learning!

I recommend this programme to everyone who wants to learn Spanish quickly, in an enjoyable way and from their home!

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