Fed up with text books

endless vocabulary lists

and memorization of grammar rules?

Hi, we are Alex & Luis

and we will help you reach fluency in Spanish.

I know exactly how you feel, because…

8 years ago I also started learning Spanish the wrong way.

I was memorizing the words without having idea of how the language works

Wasting money in private lessons which were all about doing grammar exercises

Moreover, between lesson and lesson, I used to forget the half of what I had learnt

I even convinced my parents to pay for an intensive course in Malaga,

but I kept on learning in the traditional way and surrounding myself with Spanish students, who love to hide in their comfort zone of speaking english outside the classroom.

After 1 year of learning this way, I still couldn’t express myself.
My reaction was slow, my sentences too clumsy and my spanish very loose.

I knew, I was failing at something….

But the wish of creating genuine relations with Spanish and
being able to move to Spain was so strong…

I took my Spanish into my own hands…

I dived into Spanish

I left traditional courses behind and started to surround myself with Spanish.

Even though I understood too little at the beginning, I kept it up.

I started to SPEAK

Actually speaking to Spanish people

Despite the fact there were more errors than right words in my communication.

Took the reins of my Spanish

I started making effort daily

I understood , I might have a guide, but at the end, most of my success depends on my attitude

After changing my way of learning, it only took me 1 year to MOVE to SPAIN and get my first qualified job in a Spanish company.

It didn’t happen from one day to another, neither was it easy

And honestly, all this wouldn’t have been possible without having a SPANISH FRIEND who was there 

to support and motivate me

to listen to me and help me resolve my doubts anytime I had them

to practice my real spanish

What can you do TODAY to start feeling your Spanish flows ?

Ask us to become your mentors

If you join any of our programes, we will become Your Spanish Friend. We will guide you towards your fluency taking the quickest route possible and you will have the chance to enjoy the whole process with someone who understands you by your side.

Get inspired and learn by yourself

You can read articles on our blog, follow us on social media and apply all the methods on your own. It will be slower, but you can reach fluency this way as well….

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