Do you want to


Ignite the spark of the native Spanish speaker you have within you

Get ready to shape up your Spanish self

We are somehow sensing that..

You can perfectly communicate with native Spanish speakers but when it comes to discussions about more intelectual topics, you kind of feel as an outsider. You still haven’t reached bilingual level. You lack the words and can’t participate in the way you wish.  

You reached decent level of Spanish but you feel you are losing it because it’s been a while since you haven’t spoken Spanish.

You miss the joy of speaking Spanish, you miss being in touch with the natives and you haven’t learnt new things for a while. Your restless mind is bored 🙂 You want to keep it active!  

That’s normal….We are here to MAKE YOU SHINE!

Stop for a second and imagine this with us…

You understand Spanish as your mother tongue

You understand native speakers on subjects completely new to you and are able to create your own opinions on complex concepts and ideas in Spanish.

You are able to express your own ideas in Spanish.

Spanish is an inseparable part of you, you can talk about everything and with everyone just being yourself.

You are part of the group of like-minded people

People who love Spanish culture and nature just like you. People who you can discuss with in Spanish about any topic, while collaboratively improving your  Spanish

We are Alex & Luis,

specialists at helping people like you unleash their Spanish and speak in record time.

As Spanish mentors and coaches, we are focused on increasing confidence of our students by setting the solid base and helping them express themselves in Spanish from the day one.

We daily give all our mind and heart to reinforcing the individual potential of every single of our students.

What is one week of SHINE like?


Informative REAL CONTENT in Spanish to learn new things

  • Informative, enlightening or controversial content (video, audio, reading etc.)
  • Individual research of more info related to the matter and organization of the ideas
  • Video with your brief speaking on the matter
  • Feedback and corrections from your Spanish mentor

Team workshop to discuss with others, guided by your mentor

  • Your brief presented to other team mates 
  • Discussion guided by your Spanish mentor (different perspectives and new points of view)
  • Economics, mathematics, arts, history, philosophy, all welcome but just one rule… EVERYTHING IN SPANISH

All this from the confort of your home

What others are saying…

“Discovering Your Spanish Friend was an enormous luck! It can’t be compared to any other courses I had done. Luis gave me confidence to speak without fear. His varied and lively lessons awaken my interest to know more, not only about Spanish language but also about Spanish culture and habits. Now I can follow conferences, read books and discuss about many different topics”

Fiorella, 82, Italy

Is this for you?

Yes, indeed it is!


You have an upper intermediate or advanced level of Spanish.


You want to be part of a reduced and select group of curious people eager to learn collaboratively.


You are eager to use Spanish natively, speaking to anyone, about anything and in any circumstance while improving details.

Sorry, it isn’t


Your Spanish is limited and you can’t yet express yourself fluently and with confidence


You are a solo player, not interested in learning with others. You prefer learning alone, just about those topics that you particularly like.


You don’t want to generate new knowledge and improve your communication skills in Spanish.

Do you want to improve your flow in Spanish?

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We will go over your application and   evaluate your suitability for becoming part of one of the groups.

Interview + Trial session

We want to know you better and analyze whether BRILLA is really the best way for you to keep on improving your Spanish.

IMPORTANT: keep in mind that..

Even though we give all our heart and mind to help eager Spanish learners speak, working from 9 to 20 from Monday to Friday, the groups are limited in order to offer a great and customized experience. Please, contact us as soon as possible to book your place in the BRILLA team before it’s taken by another student.


Any other question? Write us to hola@yourspanishfriend.com
or WhatsApp to +34 667762350