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Let us HELP you and dive into Spanish.

Reach confidence speaking Spanish about basics in just 3 months!

We are somehow sensing that..

You want to learn Spanish as soon as possible and you understand that setting the solid base requires your time and effort.

After having done various courses, you feel frustrated, because you realized you don’t get any further than  “dos cervezas por favor”.

You are starting to understand that doing grammar exercises and reviewing vocabulary over and over is useless, because you still get frozen anytime it comes to speaking Spanish.

You are trying to learn Spanish on your own, but you feel your learning is chaotic. Your feel you need to set clear goals and follow them once for all.

You are ready to give your best, but you miss someone to guide you, motivate you and resolve all your doubts.

Don’t give up, dear friend! We are here to HELP you!

Stop for a second and imagine this with us…

You feel confident speaking Spanish

You aren’t afraid to commit errors anymore. You are expressing yourself and it feels empowering

The right words come to your mind naturally

You learnt that «simple is sexy» and that what is needed to express yourself at the basic level comes naturally

You finally can understand natives and react in Spanish

You are ready to visit Spain and enjoy your stay, interacting with the locals regarding basic daily topics

We are Alex & Luis,

specialists at helping people like you unleash their Spanish and speak in record time.

As Spanish mentors and coaches, we are focused on increasing confidence of our students by setting the solid base and helping them express themselves in Spanish from the day one.

We daily give all our mind and heart to reinforcing the individual potential of every single of our students.

So how are you guys going to HELP me?

Learning by doing

Less theory and more practice.

Tons of content for your individual work.

Feedback to help you reflect on your areas of improvement and strengthen your language skills.

Focus on speaking our weekly targeted conversational lesson from the first week.

Learning naturally

Less English and more Spanish.

Continuous exposure to authentic Spanish content, written and spoken.

Much more imitation and less boring grammar explanation.

Learn Spanish the same way you learnt your mother tongue

Clearly set SMART goals

Less chaos and more clarity.

Focus on few important things at each stage of your learning process.

Tracking the achievement of the goals thanks to daily feedback.

What is 1 week of HELP like?


1 hour of private speaking lesson with native mentor

  • targeted questions designed to shorten your reaction time and strenghten your speaking skills
  • adapted to your learning journey

Tailor - made assignments to practice your Spanish at least 1 hour daily

  • LIBRARY: articles to enhance your reading
  • PRACTICE: exercises to consolidate the new language structures and vocab
  • RADIO: songs to improve your listening skills
  • CINEMA: short videos and movies to connect visual and audio inputs
  • CREATE: writing assignments to wrap all you have learned up

New language structure resumed in visual materials

  • so that you know what is important each week
  • to have something to stick to
  • to keep and consult anytime needed

Daily personalized feedback on all tasks from your native mentor

  • more than just right and wrong answers – we will help you reflect and learn from your errors
  • learning process is different for each person, so we will keep the track and guide you through yours – in every step, you will know exactly what are your improvement areas and where you stand in your learning process

All this from the confort of your home

What will you confidently do after 3 months ?

Month 1

  • Get on the wave with Spanish sounds
  • Introduce yourself and others and ask for basic personal information
  • Describe people, things and places
  • Speak about your life in general

Month 2

  • Give details about your routines and schedule, your daily activities  
  • Find your way in a new city
  • Rent an apartment and speak about its characteristics
  • Order food in bars and restaurants and buy at the local market.

Month 3

  • Speak about yours and other people’s likes and dislikes
  • Go shopping and speak about weather, and clothes
  • Speak about your plans
  • Converse about experiences and recent events in your day to day  

What others are saying…

Before starting with HELP I spoke very little. After 2 months I feel much more confident, I am not so shy anymore. HELP is a fun, interactive and motivating way to improve. We only speak Spanish and that’s the best way to learn. It’s great that I have the opportunity to speak Spanish with immediate response to errors. Join HELP with Luis and Alex because your days will be more beautiful, you will be more joyful and you will speak Spanish. It’s worth it

Zuzana, 38, Slovakia

I am going back to the beginning of the things and kind of revising it all. I am finding where my gaps are and filling them in. It is really helping me because it reinforces my confidence, so I know more than I think I know. My learning has been so jumbled up that I am just putting all the pieces together and it is making a lot more sense than it used to.

Kirsty, 33, England

With Your Spanish Friend I am not only using language practically but also I am having fun doing it. 

I wish I found Your Spanish Friend years ago. t would have saved me a lot of time, a lot of frustration, a lot of money. My Spanish has improved enormously but just as important is my enthusiasm. It’s greater than ever.

Greig, 62, Scotland

Is this for you?

Yes, indeed it is!


You want to build the solid base of your Spanish in 3 months and you understand that it requires at least 1 hour of your time daily. 


You are ready to put your Spanish into practice being proactive and you are not afraid of committing errors and learning from them.  


You are trying to learn Spanish on your own, but your learning is chaotic. You need someone to set clear goals for you and follow them.


You have done various courses and even though you were explained a lot, you still can’t put your words in Spanish together

Sorry, it isn’t


You think that it’s possible to learn a new language only attending lessons once or twice a week.  


You expect us to pour the knowledge of Spanish into your head and believe it will be enough to start speaking Spanish. 


You are perfectly happy watching random videos on YouTube and scrolling on Instagram, learning some new stuff in Spanish here and then.


You can confidently speak about the basic stuff, but you want to keep improving your Spanish.

Do you also want to speak Spanish in just 3 months?

Fill out the form

Fill out the application form at the bottom of this website. We want to understand your personal situation and your goals.



This is not for everyone. It requires your commitment and eagerness to speak Spanish.  We’ll look over your application and evaluate your suitability for the programme.


We will only call the most committed candidates. We want to know you better and analyse whether HELP is really for you.

IMPORTANT: keep in mind that..

Due to daily follow up and customized support of Your Spanish Friend, necessary to boost your Spanish just in 3 months, in each edition we can only HELP limited number of students. If you are ready to work hard and play hard learning Spanish during 3 months and need a Spanish Friend to guide you and support you, fill the form as soon as possible and we will have a chat.

Join the HELP programe with zero risk

Still not sure whether it will work for you? Well, you can give it a try at zero risk !

We offer 100% guarantee during the first 2 weeks of the programe.
If after doing all the assignments and attending the lessons during the first two weeks you find out that the programe is not for you, we will give you full refund.

No questions asked.

Any other question? Write us to hola@yourspanishfriend.com
or WhatsApp to +34 667762350