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BOOST your Spanish in just 3 months

Reach the confidence to speak Spanish with any native in any situation

Something is telling us that…

Sometimes you understand a native speaker very well but when things get serious, you feel completely lost in translation.

You are pretty comfortable speaking Spanish in daily situations but when you get into a deeper conversation, you lose control.

You use basic structures perfectly, but when different verbal tenses come into the game, you get stressed and start mixing things up.

Your learning is chaotic and your progress slow. You feel you need more order in your learning process and some support to give your Spanish a boost.

You make plenty of mistakes and you need a guidance to eliminate them, solving your doubts and pushing your Spanish to the next level. 

Don’t worry, dear friend! We are here to BOOST your Spanish!

Can you imagine that…

You feel 100% confident speaking Spanish

You have enough resources to express yourself in any conversation with native Spanish speakers and deal with any situation by yourself.

The right language structures come to your mind naturally

You don’t struggle thinking about how to express your ideas in a correct way anymore, because you got used to thinking in Spanish. 

You interact with Spanish people like a boss

You can easily make Spanish friends, because you are starting to understand their jokes and cultural details.

We are Alex & Luis,

specialists at helping people like you unleash their Spanish and speak in record time.

As Spanish mentors and coaches, we are focused on increasing confidence of our students by setting the solid base and helping them express themselves in Spanish from the day one.

We daily give all our mind and heart to reinforcing the individual potential of every single of our students.

So how are you guys going to BOOST my Spanish?

Learning by doing

Less theory and more practice.

Tons of content for your individual work.

Feedback to help you reflect on your areas of improvement and strengthen your language skills.

Focus on speaking on our weekly targeted conversational lesson from the first week.

Learning naturally

Less English and more Spanish.

Continuous exposure to authentic Spanish content, written and spoken.

Much more imitation and less boring grammar explanation.

Learn Spanish the same way you learnt your mother tongue

Clearly set SMART goals

Less chaos and more clarity.

Focus on few important things at each stage of your learning process.

Tracking the achievement of the goals thanks to continuous feedback.

What is 1 week of BOOST like?


1 hour of private speaking lesson with native mentor

  • targeted questions designed to shorten your reaction time and strengthen your speaking skills
  • drilling the concept until you make it your own

Tailor - made assignments to practice your Spanish 2-3 hours a week

  • real content (advertisements, songs, articles) with assignments to work on the target concept 
  • topics to create your own text and then expose in the video to increase your flow in Spanish

New language structure resumed in visual and video materials

  • so that you know what is important each week
  • to have something to stick to
  • to keep and consult anytime needed

Personalized feedback in 24h on all tasks from your native mentor

  • more than just right and wrong answers – we will help you think and realize subtle differences
  • you will learn other ways to say the same and receive tips to express things in a more native way

All this from the confort of your home

What will you confidently do after 3 months ?

Month 1

  • Speak about past events without having to think about the right the conjugation
  • Tell stories, correctly combining past tenses, expressing yourself clearly

Month 2

  • Master the use of direct and indirect object pronouns and sound natural  «me-te-le» vs «me-te-la/lo»
  • Get your head around subjunctive to express your wishes for others

Month 3

  • Talk about causes and consequences thanks to conditionals
  • Refine the use of appropriate prepositions with verbs
  • Passive sentences and why to use them

What others are saying…

Getting back to studying Spanish and doing it with Your Spanish Friend was the best decision in my life. Having the full attention of Luis helped me improve a lot. Now I feel confident writing and speaking Spanish. I have learnt things that matter, not a useless stuff. Learning the vocabulary from videos and songs is easier and much more fun. I recommend Your Spanish Friend to others.

Naty, 19, Slovakia

Is this for you?

Yes, indeed it is!


You can have quite a fluent conversation in Spanish because you have been learning Spanish for a while, but you feel it isn’t at the level you would like it to be at – you still mix things up


You want to get the hang of your Spanish once and for all and you know it requires your active involvement. You are ready to do assignments on your own at home with our guidance


You want to develop the ability to confidently speak Spanish in every situation, about any topic and with any person

Sorry, it isn’t


You have never learnt Spanish or you get frozen anytime it comes to speaking Spanish, even though you previously attended courses


You are not willing to do anything out of live sessions. You can’t imagine yourself improving your Spanish alone. 


You just want to understand the logics behind Spanish and you don’t mind not being able to use it in real situations

Do you also want to boost your Spanish in just 3 months?

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This is not for everyone. It requires your commitment and eagerness to speak Spanish.  Also a certain level of Spanish. We’ll look over your application and evaluate your suitability for the programe.


We will only call the most committed candidates. We want to know you better and assess your level of Spanish to check if BOOST is for you.

IMPORTANT: keep in mind that..

Due to continuous follow up and customized support of Your Spanish Friend, necessary to boost your Spanish just in 3 months, in each edition we can only work with limited number of students. If you are ready to work hard and play hard improving your Spanish during 3 months and need a Spanish Friend to guide you and support you, fill the inscription form as soon as possible and we will evaluate your suitability for the programme.

Join the BOOST programe with zero risk

Still not sure whether it will work for you? Well, you can give it a try at zero risk !

We offer 100% guarantee during the first 2 weeks of the programe.
If after doing all the assignments and attending the lessons during the first two weeks you find out that the programe is not for you, we will give you full refund.

No questions asked.

Any other question? Write us to hola@yourspanishfriend.com
or WhatsApp to +34 645 30 83 38