Are you striving to



Reach confidence and flow in Spanish

Broaden your vocabulary and express all your ideas

We are somehow sensing that..

You’ve achieved a decent level of Spanish and you understand when someone talks to you in Spanish, but when it’s your turn to respond and give your opinion, you start to feel tense and you suddenly forget all you know. 

You can’t find the specific word or the right expression when speaking Spanish with natives. You have difficulties to react with agility (nimbly) and you feel that the conversations doesn’t flow naturally.

You invested a lot of time in learning Spanish and it drives you crazy when you realize that you’re losing it due to lack of practice.

That’s normal….We are here to MAKE YOU TALK!

Stop for a second and imagine this with us…

You feel confident and enjoy speaking Spanish

You have the right vocabulary and native expressions to speak about the topics which are relevant to you.

The right words come to your mind naturally

You don’t struggle searching for the words anymore, because you got used to thinking in Spanish. 

You interact with Spanish people like a boss

You can easily make Spanish friends, because you are starting to understand their jokes and cultural details.

We are Alex & Luis,

specialists at helping people like you unleash their Spanish and speak in record time.

As Spanish mentors and coaches, we are focused on increasing confidence of our students by setting the solid base and helping them express themselves in Spanish from the day one.

We daily give all our mind and heart to reinforcing the individual potential of every single of our students.

What is one session of HABLAMOS like?


1 hour of private talk with native mentor on a TOPIC OF YOUR INTEREST

  • prior to the session you choose the topic from our long list or you come up with your own
  • we encourage you to speak a lot, giving you space to express all your thoughts in Spanish
  • we guide you to express your ideas with more appropriate words and expressions and correct gramatical errors that may arise 

LIST OF NEW VOCABULARY and expressions that arise in each session

  • during the session we track your mistakes and propose more appropriate ways of expression
  • at the end of each session we highlight and review the most important points for you to remember
  • you will always have access to the list in the shared document, so that you can review on your own anytime you want

All this from the confort of your home

What others are saying…

“With Your Spanish Friend my studies have been transformed. I am not only using language practically but also I am having fun doing it. I wish I found Your Spanish Friend years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, a lot of frustration, a lot of money. My Spanish has improved enormously but just as important is my enthusiasm. It’s greater than ever. I absolutely recommend Your Spanish Friend

Greig, 52, Scotland

«Getting back to studying Spanish and doing it with Your Spanish Friend was the best decision in my life. Having the full attention of Luis helped me improve a lot. Now I feel confident writing and speaking Spanish. I have learnt things that matter, not a useless stuff. Learning the vocabulary from videos and songs is easier and much more fun.»

Naty, 18, Slovakia

“Discovering Your Spanish Friend was an enormous luck! It can’t be compared to any other courses I had done. Luis gave me confidence to speak without fear. His varied and lively lessons awaken my interest to know more, not only about Spanish language but also about Spanish culture and habits. Now I can follow conferences, read books and discuss about many different topics”

Fiorella, 84, Italy

«Learning Spanish with Your Spanish Friend is fun, interactive and motivating. I feel much more confident, It’s great that I have the opportunity to speak Spanish with immediate response to errors. I am not shy to speak Spanish anymore! Join HELP with Luis and Alex because your days will be more beautiful, you will be more joyful and you will speak Spanish. It’s worth it.!»

Zuzana, 38, Slovakia

Is this for you?

Yes, indeed it is!


You know Spanish quite well and understand a lot, but something inside you stops you from expressing yourself naturally and with confidence


You are good at grammar and have quite an amount of vocab, but you need to activate your speaking skills and gain confidence when having natural conversations with native Spanish.


When you want to combine all your knowledge of Spanish, it takes you time. You would love to pick new vocabulary and correct little errors to express yourself better when speaking about broad variety of topics . 

Sorry, it isn’t


You get blocked even when ordering in the restaurant, asking for directions in the street or at other daily situations in Spain.   


Your grammar is a mess and you are lost with the use of different language structures. You need some more order in your knowledge.


You feel confident speaking Spanish, but you want to keep it up, go deeper and discuss about intelectual or controversial topics with other restless minds like yours. 

Do you want to improve your flow in Spanish?

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We will go over your application and   evaluate your suitability for these sessions.

Interview + Trial session

 We want to know you better and analyze whether sessions of HABLAMOS are really the best way for you to improve your flow.

IMPORTANT: keep in mind that..

Even though we give all our heart and mind to help eager Spanish learners speak, working from 9 to 20 from Monday to Friday, many of the time slots are already taken. In case your availability for talk sessions is limited, contact us as soon as possible to book your slot before it’s taken by another student. 


Any other question? Write us to hola@yourspanishfriend.com
or WhatsApp to +34 667762350